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Alte Weinfabrik Heidelberg

Built in 1891, “Die Alte Weinfabrik” (the old wine factory) can be found centrally located in Heidelberg. Known as one of the largest wine cellars in Southern Germany, it reopened in fall of 2012 after two full years of renovation.  It has been renovated into a sophisticated event location, equipped with the latest standards of air conditioning, technology and high quality sanitary facilities.  The „Alte Weinfabrik“ serves as an exclusive event setting including corporate events, weddings, birthdays and art openings.  Its spectacular seven-meter high ceiling with a 35-meter long arch allows for extraordinary events such as fashion shows, balls and concerts.

Bismarckplatz (start of main street Heidelberg): 50 m
Heidelberg HBF (Heidelberg Main Station): 1,5 km
Frankfurt Airport (FRA): 85 km
Stuttgart Airport (STR): 120 km

Included in event location – Alte Weinfabrik
two separate conjoining vaulted rooms:
Small Vaulted Room – equipped with lounge furniture
Large Vaulted Room – can be equipped for gala seating (round tables) or with rectangular tables for meetings or with row seating for seminars. Both rooms contain advance air cooling and heating systems, exclusive sanitary facilities, and flexibility to the layout of each room.

Technical equipment includes a LCD projector, 3x5meter white screen (perfect for projecting clips or pictures at an event), free WiFi, light and sound equipment that can individually be altered for each events needs.

Special features include its location, being within the heart of Heidelberg, a little less then 50meters away from Bismarckplatz.  It is also one of the largest recognized wine cellars in Southern Germany with an elegant modern design.

Parking includes over 2,000 public parking spaces in the immediate area and multiple connections to the location via train, tram and bus.