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Heidelberg Castle

History, architecture and its unique and astoundingly beautiful position above the city, have all contributed into making Heidelberg Castle one of the most well known historical buildings in the region. A visit is simply a "must" for all those guests who are interested in culture.

For over a period of four hundred years, the Castle was the residence of the Princes of the Pfalz. Its fascinating architecture, ranging from gothic, to the epitome of renaissance style, appears to emerge like something out of a textbook. Shortly after the 1700's and 1800's, having twice been destroyed, the castle was left in ruins. This perspective transpired to be a perfect setting for the "German Romantic Period" and lent itself to the writing of many songs and romantic texts.

What better way to view Heidelberg, than by sipping a glass of local, sparkling wine at a reception on the Castle Terrace, overlooking the whole of the Old Town and surrounding countryside. Life inside the Castle, with its historical inhabitants, can be re-lived through a variety of theme tours or parties.

During the summer, visitors may enjoy a series of open air performances of traditional "Schlossfestspiele" (concerts/plays). The stage is magnificently lit using a backdrop of the Castle walls itself - something definitely not to be missed!

Highway 8 km
Main Station 4 km
Airport FRA 80 km
Airport Stuttgart 120 km

P12, P13, P14

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