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Weisse Flotte Heidelberg

The Weisse Flotte Heidelberg with its six ships and the ferry Liselotte von der Pfalz is the largest river shipping company in South-Western Germany. The fleet‘s flagship, put into service in 2016, is licensed for 600 persons. The MS „Königin Silvia“ is equipped with a culture stage, air conditioning and a lift. The Weisse Flotte can transport 2600 persons at once. The ships have an additional benefit for organizations of all kinds, since they are perfect as floating presentation, conference and meeting sites. Meals on board are prepared freshly from the shipping company‘s own on-board kitchen. The fleet‘s
catchment area goes from Stuttgart to St. Goar am Rhein.

Here you can find more information about the capacities.

Highway 4 km
Main Station 3 km
Airport FRA 81 km
Airport STR 143 km

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